About IDEA


IDEA (dba of Uri Holdings LLC) was founded in January of year 2000 by Peter Chung who has background in chemistry and worked at Dupont in Kevlar fiber department.  He made an eco-friendly company by having a solar system to generate most power from the sun. So that, the company can provides unique KURVE brand seamless garments to a number of markets, including basics, contemporary fashions and dancewear for Juniors and Children.   The company also provide Junior club wear, Yoga wear, life style sportswear, plus-size fashions, shape wear, headgear and complementary accessories.

 Chapter 1.  Design with Innovation:

Our fashions are designed and made in Los Angeles, California, a major world-class center of the fashion industry.  All our designers are in-house, and the design of seamless garments require fashion insight and creativity, as well as substantial technical knowledge of the materials, knitting and  finishing processes, and equipment used to manufacture the final product.

New fashion ideas originate from not just watching the market and forecasting upcoming trends, but perhaps more importantly, through listening to you, our customer, for feedback on existing styles as well as your suggestions for future styles.

As a retailer, you already know fashion is fiercely competitive and fast moving. We pride ourselves in designing new styles that are innovative, original, and relevant for each market niche, yet also practical for customers with an active lifestyle. For each of our brands, we provide new styles every week.  This allows you, as a retailer, to offer your customers exciting new styles on an ongoing basis.

Through carrying our products as a retailer, you can be sure you will be ahead of your competition providing original, innovative, well-designed styles to your customers.

 Chapter 2. Manufacturing with Quality:

Our fashions are designed and manufactured at our factory in Los Angeles, enabling us to provide the highest quality products. Quality is paramount.  Seamless garments are initially made on high-tech circular Santoni Italian knitting machines, completed by a sewing team, and inspected for quality by our inspection team. We are aware that numerous, less expensive imported brands that look similar to our products are available. 

As a quality measure, we have chosen to manufacture our garments at our factory in Los Angeles rather than send our designs overseas.  This allows us to closely inspect and monitor the materials, the manufacture and finishing processes, and provide quality control.

Our manufacturing and safety processes are well-established and are continuously reviewed and improved as new seamless manufacturing technologies become available.  Our decoration and sewing teams are well-trained, our equipment is well-maintained, and most importantly, our dedicated inspection team will make sure you, as a retailer carrying IDEA products, will receive the most carefully designed, best-engineered, highest quality seamless garments available in the world.  This is our commitment to you.

Chapter 3. Establishing Great Look and Feel through High Quality Materials.

Only the highest quality yarns (from Unifi, Lenzing and Invista, etc..) and dyes are used to manufacture our products.  This, along with superior knitting techniques, is a hallmark that sets us apart. While less expensive, imported brands may use cheaper yarns and dyes, we strive to use the best, most appropriate yarns to meet the needs for each of our markets. 

The IDEA manufacturing team utilizes its background in chemistry and a history of practical experience working with yarn types and weaving techniques. Selection and use of the appropriate yarn for a particular style, for a particular market, is one of the most important aspects of fashion design for seamless manufacturing. Stretch, durability, wicking ability, color brightness and retention, softness and comfort, are all important factors for appropriate yarn and dye selection.

What does this mean to you as a retailer?  A less-expensive, lower quality garment may fade, lose its stretch, feel “stiff”, or begin falling apart at the seams, even after just several washings.  Also, while a garment may “look” right, and look very similar to one of our styles, it might not “feel” right when worn, especially when the wearer begins dance or exercise activities.  Our garments will hold its color, not immediately fall apart at the seams, and will continue to be stretchy and comfortable for years.  As a retailer carrying our line, this means your customers will be happy with quality garments. At your store, we are also confident that are garments will also “feel right” when first tried on by your customers.

Conclusion:  Happy customers!

Innovative design, local manufacturing with quality integrated throughout each of our processes, and the appropriate use of superior materials, are all factors that contribute to IDEA providing our retailers desirable KURVE products.  Upon becoming an IDEA retailer, we are confident that your customers will be happy with their purchases. For more information on how to become an IDEA retailer, please contact us at 1-310-400-3433.