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four-way stretch soft feel lightweight one-size fit upf 50+ sun protection moisture wicking

Fabric that moves the way you move while still retaining its shape.

Light weight fabric that was designed for comfortable ventilation and moisture wicking.

A fabric that will stretch out to fit any sized body type.

Permanent sun protection up to 50+ UPF rating.

An incredibly efficient catch, move, release system keeps you cool dry and comfortable.

Soft. Light. Surprisingly strong.

    Throughout the global textile industry, TACTEL® fiber is well known and valued for its wide range of benefits. A dynamic, specialty fiber, TACTEL® fiber creates garments that are soft, smooth, breathable and lightweight.

    tactel benefits

    According to rigid testing, TACTEL® fiber is at least twice as soft and 20 percent lighter than most other fibers. It also dries eight times faster than cotton. In addition to being soft and lightweight, TACTEL® fiber is strong. The inherent strength of TACTEL® fiber enables the production of fabrics that are three times as strong as those made with natural fibers.


    mynx® Fiber

    Clothes made with MYNX® UV provide the wearer sun protection against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. MYNX® UV offers permanent sun protection up to 50+ UPF rating, depending upon fabric construction and color and maintains a 100% UPF rating in wet and dry fabrics. Mynx® UV provides fabric with a soft, cool hand and subdued luster and is perfect for lightweight fabrics.

  • Permanent sun protection up to 50+ UPF rating, depending upon fabric construction & color
  • Provides protection against UVA(aging) & UVB(burning) rays
  • Perfect for lightweight fabrics
  • tactel benefits



    Sorbtek is a revolution in performance yarns and moisture management technology. Using its advanced Catch, Move and Release System, Sorbtek has the ability to move moisture faster and further than any yarn on the market today, keeping you drier longer. In addition to being the fastest drying yarn available, fabrics made from Sorbtek are also:

  • Highly Manageable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to care for
  • Sorbtek Moisture moving system

    sorbtek moisture moving system

    The first step to getting rid of moisture is to catch it. Using the same principle as magnetism, Sorbtek instantly reaches out, grabs, and pulls in large amounts of moisture. Other yarns absorb moisture after prolonged contact, but only Sorbtek absorbs moisture immediately, leaving no time for discomfort or inconvenience.

    After absorbing the moisture, Sorbtek goes into action moving it away from the source and on its way to the outer layer of the fabric. This process is called wicking. Unlike other yarns that can take a while to wick moisture, Sorbtek immediately sends moisture on its way.

    This is the good part. After absorbing the moisture, and then moving it, we let nature take its course. Once the moisture hits the outer layer of the fabric it evaporates, never to be felt again. Because Sorbtek catches and moves moisture faster it can release the moisture faster as well. Bottom line, moisture doesn't have a chance.



    REPREVE® is more than 100% recycled fiber. It's a reprieve for our planet's resources. And because REPREVE® is made from 100% recycled materials, it offsets the need to use new crude oil, conserving our precious natural resources and energy. Every pound of REPREVE® yarn conserves the equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline.



    SATURA® is a family of solution dyed nylon yarns available in a wide range of colors. SATURA® has superior color consistency, light fastness characteristics and is bleach cleanable. Because SATURA® is solution dyed, additional fabric dyeing processes are eliminated, reducing the product's environmental footprint. For enhanced product performance, SATURA® Max is available.


    Micro Modal®

    The use of technologically advanced yarns is one of the hallmarks that sets us apart from the competition. For you, as a retailer, describing the unique benefits of our yarns can assist in educating the customer so they can understand the more hidden differences in quality.

    We are introducing several new styles made with Micro Modal. This is a new, technologically advanced yarn made from cellulose, a natural fiber. Because it is a botanical product, it is a sustainable resource and is environmentally friendly. As a retailer, you may have some customers who desire a garment made with natural fibers rather than 100% synthetic materials. In most cases, the new styles made with this new fiber are 85% Micro Modal, mixed with 11% Nylon and 4% spandex to add durability and enhance stretch. As a retailer, we would encourage you to have your customers who feel wearing natural fibers are important to give our new Micro Modal products a try.

    Seamless garments made with Micro Modal feels very soft. Over the years we have received feedback from dance parents that their children love the feel of our standard TACTEL® dancewear. The use of TACTEL®, along with seamless construction, results in garments that feel soft and comfortable. Likewise dancewear made from Micro Modal also has a very soft "hand." As a retailer, if you have customers that have "itchy issues", or just like really soft and comfortable clothing, you may wish to encourage them to feel the fabric, and to try the garments on. The fabric is also breathable, and feels cool to the touch, making ideal for physically demanding activities such as dance, gymnastics and cheer practice.

      To summarize, these are the primary benefits of garments made with Micro Modal that you can explain to your customers:

    • Feels very soft, is breathable, and feels cool to the touch. In combination with seamless construction, garments made with Micro Modal are very comfortable to wear and feels good on the skin.
    • Micro Modal is a natural fiber, made from cellulose, a botanical product. Cellulose is considered to be a sustainable, environmentally friendly material.
    • Kurve garments made with Micro Modal are specifically designed for activities such as dance, gymnastics and other types of physically demanding activities.


    We've implemented new technologies into our sports bras!

    New Prodtect system patch has been put into the straps of our sports bra to reduce stretch in that area.  A limited stretch in the straps means a more supportive
    sports bra that does not stretch out.  With this new technology in the bra you should be able to kick your workouts into high gear with confidence that your bra
    won't let you down.




    The technical yarns that we are testing

    We are always searching for the most advanced materials for our performance geared clothing.

    Great News!

    We have received certification on a new yarn called A.M.Y. (Antimicrobial Yarns). We now possess the antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria! If this is something you need implemented in your custom garments please let us know. We are working everyday to bring you the latest yarn technologies to ensure you get the best product available.


    UNIFI certification