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IDEA Collections designs and manufactures KURVE brand seamless garments for a number of markets, including everyday basics, contemporary fashions, and dancewear for adults, juniors and children.   We also design and manufacture club wear, Yoga wear, lifestyle sportswear, plus-size fashions, shape wear, headgear and complementary accessories.  With a few exceptions, most of our products are manufactured at our factory in Los Angeles, enabling us to maintain complete control and ensure high quality standards are met.


Located in Los Angeles, California, we take the lead on developing new, innovative styles, utilizing the highest quality materials and superior manufacturing techniques, and supporting  our retailer network.


Our Mission


Provide our retailers with well-designed, high quality seamless garments and accessories that consumers will love, listen to our retailers and customers and incorporate their feedback when developing new products, and support the success of our retailers who carry our products.


Our company is also committed to manufacturing our products in an eco-friendly manner, as well as treating our workers ethically, paying a fair wage, and providing a safe working environment.


Our Design Standards


Design, manufacture and deliver leading edge fashions to our retailers with the following fundamental features:


Looks Great. Feels Great. Technical Innovation. High Quality.


Styles that Look Great


KURVE garments are designed based on how the body moves, as well as how the balanced combination of fabrics, cuts, and color can flatter the body for a variety of uses and occasions.


Fashion is an intensely competitive business, and to be a leader in style innovation, we are constantly designing and manufacturing new styles.  Known as "fast fashion", our commitment to you, our retailer, is introducing and making available exciting new fashions that look great on a weekly basis that your customers will love.


Our design team is located in Los Angeles, California, one of centers of fashion design and innovation. While our design team keeps a pulse on fashion and market trends, the team's objective is to drive new trends and develop new, leading edge fashions that look great on the body.


Introducing new styles on a weekly basis is one of the hallmarks that sets us apart from the competition.  We want you, as one of our retailers, to also stand out from the competition by being able to frequently offer your customers exciting, new and innovative styles.


With low-order-minimums and a wide variety of choices of styles and colors, it is easy to carry a selection in your store that fits your store's personality and that will appeal to your particular customer base.


We are confident that your customers will soon begin looking forward to seeing exciting new styles each time they visit your store, and when they try on KURVE brand garments, they will look great!


Styles that Feel Great


Our basics, dancewear, sportswear and other lines of clothing simply feels great against the skin and fits well without binding. As a manufacturer of seamless garments, we provide our retailers clothing that can provide customers all-day comfort. This is particularly important for customers that lead an active lifestyle.


Manufactured on Santoni  knitting machines, there are no seams on the sides of our garments that can cause chafing or irritation. Our proprietary fabrics are very stretchy and non-binding, and will move with the body as customers exercise, dance, perform yoga, or many other activities. Our fabrics are also designed to help customers keep them cool and dry during vigorous activities. The fabrics are comfortable, and great to wear even when relaxing, studying or when watching a movie.


For our children's line of basics and dancewear, we have received feedback from Parents that their children love how the fabric feels, and how KURVE garments fit.   Many kids have "itchy issues" with other types of clothing, and our soft, stretchy, breathable fabrics have been reported by our young customers to be very comfortable.


When your customers try on KURVE garments, have them move or dance around a bit and  ask them how the garments feel.  We are confident that when your customers try on KURVE brand garments, they will feel great!


Styles that are Technically Superior


Our garments are designed with performance in mind and in consideration of the intended use. KURVE garments are made with the highest quality materials, using the most technically advanced manufacturing techniques and finishing processes that are appropriate for the intended use of the garments.


Technical innovation through the use of the highest quality yarns and dyes when fabricating our garments is a hallmark that sets us apart from the competition. 


The IDEA manufacturing team utilizes its background in chemistry and a history of practical experience  when selecting yarns and developing new fabrics. Our yarns come from sources such as Unifi, Lenzing and Invista, and are developed into proprietary yarns such as Mynx and Sorbtek.  Each of these yarns have certain unique qualities that provide a substantial amount of stretch, the ability to retain dyes, and softness that result in a very comfortable garment.


In addition KURVE uses proprietary fabric weaves that maximize moisture wicking and breathability.   It is the combination of all these technical factors that makes our garments feel soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear.


More recently, we have introduced yarns into KURVE garments that provide SPF Sun Protection (tested by UNIFI).  Likewise, we have recently introduced the use of a new type of sequin appliqués that do not have holes in the middle when decorating garments. Another recent development is our tie-dye techniques, including "Vintage" tie-dye. These are just a few examples of innovation with our proprietary manufacturing and finishing techniques that sets us apart from the competition.


For us, whether for new yarns, dying techniques, or decoration techniques, technical innovation is a continuous process.   It is also the bedrock upon which great designs and leading edge styles can be developed.  As technical innovation continues to  occur, a wider variety of fashion design and style innovation can occur.


Our commitment to you, our retailer, is to continuously innovate, develop and make available to you the most technically advanced seamless garments available in the world.


High Quality Styles


For us, quality is paramount.  Using high quality materials and superior manufacturing and finishing techniques is our standard. Our design team, manufacturing team, sewing and finishing teams, quality inspection team and customers service team are well-trained, provided a safe work environment, paid fairly, treated well, and are centrally located at our factory in Los Angeles, California.


We choose to have the majority of our products "Made in the USA." In addition to keeping jobs in America and ensuring fair and ethical compensation and treatment of our workers, this also provides us complete control of over the entire process, closely managing quality every step of the way. 


This commitment to high quality standards, along with manufacturing in the US, is another factor that sets us apart from the competition.


What does this mean to you as a retailer?  A less-expensive, lower quality garment, especially those manufactured overseas, may fade, lose its stretch, feel “stiff”, or begin falling apart at the seams, even after just several washings.  Also, while a competitor's garment may look very similar to one of our styles, it might not “feel” right when worn, especially when the wearer begins dance, exercise or other activities.  The fabrics might not breathe very well or wick away moisture during vigorous activities.


In comparison, KURVE brand garments will hold its color, not immediately fall apart at the seams, and will continue to be stretchy and comfortable for years. 


At your store, we are confident that are garments will not only "look great" and "feel great" when first tried on by your customers, but it will also “feel right." As a retailer carrying our line, this means your customers will be happy with quality garments, both for the short term and the long term.


Our commitment to you, our retailer, is that we continue to locally manufacture and deliver to you the highest quality seamless garments available in the world. 


We are committed to supporting you, our retailer.


IDEA Collections has long recognized that we are partners with our retailers. We can be successful only if you, our retailer, is also successful. This is why our mission is focused on manufacturing and providing you both great products and great customer service.  We will do whatever we can to help you be successful selling KURVE products to your customers. 


If you need anything, whether marketing and selling materials, posters or other decorations for your store, additional information about our products, feedback, or suggestions for new styles you would like to see, contact us.  We would be happy to hear from you.


Sincerely, The KURVE Team at IDEA Collections


Contact Information



LA Face Mart (Open 8am - noon)

1458 S. San Pedro St, #L25/L26

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tel: 213-749-0777

Fax: 213-749-2077


Be sure to visit our showroom when you are in the area, and contact us if you wish to schedule an appointment.  Parking validation available for the LA Face parking structure.


Factory / Mailing Address

545 W, 130th. Street

Los Angeles, CA 90061

Tel: 310-400-3433

Fax: 310-400-3434


About our CEO


IDEA (dba CSI MARKETING group) was founded in January 2000 by Peter Chung. Peter has a background in chemistry and previously worked at DuPont in Kevlar fiber department. With his technical background, Peter has made a commitment to the design and manufacture of clothing using the only the highest quality yarns, fibers, dyes and other materials, as well as superior manufacturing, finishing and quality management techniques as the foundation for great design.


Peter has also made a commitment is also to be an eco-friendly manufacturing facility. IDEA has installed a solar energy system to generate most of the power required by the factory. 


Peter is a fan of the artistry and elegance of great design, built upon a foundation of technical innovation. As such, he is committed to the design and manufacture of high quality, leading edge fashions that consumers will love, as well as supporting IDEA's network of retailers with their success with selling KURVE products.


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