New Yarn Introduction of Micro Modal from Lenzing

The use of technologically advanced yarns is one of the hallmarks that sets us apart from the competition.  For you, as a retailer, describing the unique benefits of our yarns can assist in educating the customer so they can understand the more hidden differences in quality.

We are introducing several new styles made with Micro Modal.  This is a new, technologically advanced yarn made from cellulose, a natural fiber.  Because it is a botanical product, it is a sustainable resource and is environmentally friendly.  As a retailer, you may have some customers who desire a garment made with natural fibers rather than 100% synthetic materials.  In most cases, the new styles made with this new fiber are 85% Micro Modal, mixed with 11% Nylon and 4% spandex to add durability and enhance stretch.  As a retailer, we would encourage you to have your customers who feel wearing natural fibers are important to give our new Micro Modal products a try.

Seamless garment made with Micro Modal feels very soft.  Over the years we have received feedback from dance parents that their children love the feel of our standard TACTEL dancewear.  The use of TACTEL, along with seamless construction, results in garments that feel soft and comfortable.  Like wise dancewear made from Micro Modal also has a very soft "hand".  As a retailer, if you have customers that have "itchy issues", or just like really soft and comfortable clothing, you may wish to encourage them to feel the fabric, and to try the garments on.  The fabric is also breathable, and feels cool to the touch, making ideal for physically demanding activities such as dance, gymnastics and cheer practice. 

to summarize, these are the primary benefits of garments made with Micro Modal that you can explain to your customers:

1)  Feels very soft, is breathable, and feels cool to the touch.  In combination with seamless construction, garments made with Micro Modal are very comfortable to wear and feels good one the skin.

2)  Micro Modal is a natural fiber, made from cellulose, a botanical product.  Cellulose is considered to be a sustainable, environmentally friendly material.

3) KURVE garments made with Micro Modal are specifically designed for activities such as dance, gymnastics and other types of physically demanding activities.

IDEA is proud to offer garments manufactured with Micro Modal as another option among our family of technologically advanced yarns.  Our garments continue to be made in the USA, and we continue to be committed to providing you, the retailer, great products to sell to your customers.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us.

CEO of KURVE, Inc.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

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